Deepti Mehrotra

Founder - Director

Deepti Mehrotra, a Social Scientist (MPhil-PhD from JNU), and a PMP Certified Management Expert with five years of work experience of working with start-ups on public health and education.


I grew up in a household where Ayurveda, farming, artisans, rural development, etc. were the main topics of dining table discussions. Born to a Scientist father and multi-talented mother, I got the freedom to spread my wings and experiment to do everything I wanted to do. I have travelled extensively across India and try to visit one new country every year (so far US, UK, China, Denmark, Sweden) to meet people and understand different social and cultural. Jeevaniya Society was run as a Voluntary Organization by my father and a larger pan- India group on reviving traditional health and farming practices among other things. Last year I quit my job and decided to take the three decade work of my father’s organization ahead to help the cause.Jeevaniya Naturals is the fruit of labour of three decades of Jeevaniya Society and those thousands of farmers who were trained, supported and empowered by Jeevaniya Society to practice organic, sustainable agriculture.I am also a trained Kathak Dancer, painter, writer, photographer and love to travel!